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  1. ISBN 13: 9780134382258
  2. Pattern-Oriented Software Diagnostics
  3. مایکروسافت [بایگانی] - تالار گفتگوی تخصصی شبکه و فناوری اطلاعات

To make best use of the code samples included in the book, you should have a basic knowledge of the Java language. Previous experience with the Spring Framework would also help you get up and running quickly. Cisco routers and switches are the cornerstones of many networks. But when things break, repairs can intimidate even the most competent administrator.

Luckily, just knowing the "in case of emergency" basics will take you far. Just like the original, this second edition of the highly acclaimed Cisco Routers for the Desperate is written for the administrator in crisis mode. Updated to cover switches and the latest Cisco terminology, with a tighter focus on the needs of the small network administrator, this second edition gives you what you need to know to provide reliable network services and fix problems fast.

You'll find coverage of:. Cisco Routers for the Desperate, 2nd Edition is designed to be read once and left alone until something breaks. When it does, you'll have everything you need to know in one easy-to-follow guidebook. Apache web server has good documentation for installing and configuring, but where do you go for help with the day-to-day stuff, like adding common modules or fine-tuning your activity logging?

The third edition of this book provides more than updated recipes for the latest versions of Apache, with practical examples for web administrators, programmers, and anyone else who works with the web server.

You also get explanations of how and why the code works, so you can adapt the problem-solving techniques to similar situations. Recipes range from simple tasks, such as installation, to complex tasks, such as setting up name-based virtual hosts. This cookbook has solutions for beginners and experienced users alike. Teach yourself how to use the networking features in Windows 7 to connect your home computers, even if they use different operating systems.

With Step by Step, you set the pace -- building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them! Network your Windows 7-based PCs and set up security Add a Mac or Linux-based computer Share printers, devices, and files with everyone in your home Stream media over your network or to a remote PC Tweak your network and sharing settings Troubleshoot problems and perform easy maintenance.

Your Step by Step digital content includes: Fully searchable online edition of this book -- with unlimited access on the Web. Search For:. Narrow your search. Merchant: Amazon. Sold by Amazon.

Order now and we'll deliver when available. We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship the item. Key Features Follow best practices and explore techniques such as clustering and caching to achieve a reactive, scalable web service, Leverage the Spring Framework to quickly implement RESTful endpoints, Learn to implement a client library for a RESTful web service using the Spring Framework along with the new front end framework. Book Description REST is an architectural style that tackles the challenges of building scalable web services.

What you will learn Deep dive into the principles behind REST Expose CRUD operations through RESTful endpoints with the Spring Framework Devise response formats and error handling strategies, offering a consistent and flexible structure to simplify integration for service consumers Follow the best approaches for dealing with a service's evolution while maintaining backward compatibility Understand techniques to secure web services Comply with the best ways to test RESTful web services, including tips for load testing Optimise and scale web services using techniques such as caching and clustering Who This Book Is For This book is intended for those who want to learn to build RESTful web services with the latest Spring 5.

You'll find coverage of: Installation—how to get your router and network connections up and running right the first time Troubleshooting routers and switches, so that you can determine whether your hardware or the Internet is broken Security concerns, like how to keep your network equipment safe from hackers and install a private network between two offices How to implement basic network redundancy to reduce the risk of network downtime Cisco Routers for the Desperate, 2nd Edition is designed to be read once and left alone until something breaks.

You can learn the relationship between various protocols and solutions and the operation principle through hands-on exercises. We recommend Bob Lee's Network Wakku for reference books. Inside, you'll find step-by-step procedures for using all of the major components, along with discussions on complex concepts such as Active Directory replication, DFS namespaces and replication, network access protection, the Server Core edition, Windows PowerShell, server clustering, and more. All of this with a more compact presentation and a tighter focus on tasks than you'll find in bulkier references.

Price incl. Add to My List. Added to Cart. Using multiple threads, you can create high-performance servers, build extensions for Internet servers, take advantage of multiprocessor systems, build sophisticated objects in OLE and COM, and improve application responsiveness. Writing such software requires more than theory and a reference manual; it requires a comprehensive understanding of how everything fits together and a guide to what works and what doesnt.

Multithreading is supported under Windows NT and Windows 95 and later through the Win32 API, but coverage of this important topic has been sporadic and incomplete until now. In Multithreading Applications in Win32, with just enough theory and lots of.. Special Order. Special Order items are usually fulfilled in weeks.

Cannot combine other item s in one order. Windows System Programming. He covers the stuff that real systems programmers absolutely must know. Advanced Windows Debugging. This book stands out from all other Win32 debugging literature, thanks to its in-depth examples-including resolving intricate problems like stack and heap corruptions.

Reliable and realistic information abou.. Both a tutorial and a reference to getting the most out of Microsoft's powerful tool for managing servers and networks, this book provides comprehensive coverage for developers and system administrators. It covers Event Tracing, a little-known toolset for performance tuning of networks.

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Enterprise-Class Excel Programming, from Start to FinishFinally, there's a book that treats Excel as the powerful development platform it really is, and covers every facet of developing commercial-quality Excel applications. This is not a book for beginners. Writing for professional developers and true Excel experts, the authors share insider's knowledge they've acquired building Excel applications for many of the world's largest companies--including Microsoft.

Professional Excel Development demonstrates how to get the utmost from Excel, addressing everything from application architectures through worksheet and userform design, charting, debugging, error handlin..

Restocking items are usually fulfilled in weeks. NET Debugging. NET Debugging is an excellent resource for both beginner and experienced developers working with. The book is also packed with many debugging tips and discussions of CLR internals, which will benefit developers architecting software. His Advanced Windows Debugging coauthored with Daniel Pravat is an invaluable resource for native code debugging, and Advanced.


ISBN 13: 9780134382258

NET Debugging achieves the same quality, clarity, and breadth to make it just as invaluable for. NET debugging. Essential PowerShell. In "Essential PowerShell," noted expert Holger Schwichtenberg gives Windows sysadmins all the knowledge and sample scripts they need to successfully administer production systems with PowerShell. Schwichtenberg begi..

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Essential C 6. Fully updated to reflect new C 6.

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NET 4. Written by a top Microsoft consultant, this book will become the standard guide to the build process in the software engineering lifecycle. The build process is perhaps the least understood and least documented part of the software engineering process.

Pattern-Oriented Software Diagnostics

One thing that Microsoft does very well is build software, and this book is written by one of the top Microsoft experts on the build process. It has a foreword by bestselling author Jeffrey Richter. Say what you will about Microsoft, they know how to successfully build and release software. Vince Maraia has been a key member of the build teams for many of their major software releases over the last fifteen years. You'll find in-depth insights for success with collaboration, knowledge and content management, governance, and user adoption. The authors help you choose features, organize information, define securit..

This comprehensive and well-written book serves as a compendium of the important wisdom and experience that he has accumulated through his years of studying LINQ and its uses.

مایکروسافت [بایگانی] - تالار گفتگوی تخصصی شبکه و فناوری اطلاعات

It also gives you the foundations that are necessary to understand a wide range of fascinating applications of LINQ that w.. Windows 7 Device Driver. Internationally renowned driver development expert Ronald D. Reeves shows how to make the most of Microsoft's powerful new tools and models; save time and money; and efficiently deliver stable, robust drivers.

Drawing on.. Why do so many computer programs have such poorly designed user interfaces? The most likely reason is that most developers have no training in how to design good graphical user interfaces GUIs.