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  1. Abigail Adams Biography
  2. Biography: Abigail Adams | American Experience | Official Site | PBS
  3. Wife of the Second U.S. President
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Abigail Adams Biography

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Biography: Abigail Adams | American Experience | Official Site | PBS

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Abigail Adams — , the wife of John Adams, enlarged what had been primarily a social role. She took an active part in the debate over the development of political parties, and she sometimes pointed out to her husband people she considered his enemies. Although she….

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Intelligent, well-read, vivacious, and just as fiercely independent as her new husband, Abigail Adams became a confidante and political partner who helped to stabilize and sustain the ever-irascible and highly volatile Adams throughout his long career. History at your fingertips.

Wife of the Second U.S. President

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Abigail called her husband's sojourn to Europe her "widowhood. But conventional domestic tranquility would elude them. In John became vice president.

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Abigail had enjoyed New York, considering it a fine capital, but when the seat of government moved to Philadelphia, Abigail fled. She hated the weather and was frequently ill. When John's was elected as president, Abigail remained in Quincy, apprising him of the public mood as she had since the Revolutionary War.

But in , John found that advice from afar was no longer enough. Lonely and despised by his cabinet, he begged Abigail to come and "assist me with your councils, and console me with your conversation. Abigail fulfilled a traditional hostess' role too.

As time went on, she told her sister Mary that she felt "a little more at home, and less anxiety about the ceremonious part of my duty. They would not remain there long.

Abigail Smith Adams

Soon after, John lost his bid for reelection. This unhappy loss was soon followed by another, the death of their son Charles, of alcoholism. Abigail bridled at her husband's defeat and wept for her "poor unhappy child. Wife, Mother and Grandmother After March , John and Abigail regained the "domestick felicity" that had characterized their first years together. As they entered their last days, John farmed and wrote.

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Abigail remained an avid newspaper reader and correspondent even as she devoted herself to domestic pursuits and her ever-present grandchildren. Abigail knew sorrow again during this period when daughter Nabby died of breast cancer in Five years later, nearly 74, Abigail contracted typhoid fever. She died on October 28, , three days after her 54th wedding anniversary.